My first impression of Istanbul? Overwhelming! I can assure you this is truly a city that never sleeps (I mean, 18 million inhabitants!). Be prepared for traffic jam 24/7 and an exuberant nightlife. It can be difficult finding your way around this impressive (but magnificent) city, but luckily I was accompanied by a local! So here's my personal guide on what to do and see in Istanbul. 

Galata TowerBereketzade Mh. - Galata Tower is a medieval kind of tower, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of Istanbul. Make sure you go early since the line can be pretty long at times. 
The Sultan Ahmed MosqueTorun Sokak 19 - this mosque is better known as the Blue Mosque, which is literally a breathtaking place. You can't miss this one! Make sure you wear a headscarf to cover your hair though. 
Aya SophiaSultanahmed Ayasofya Meydani - this is actually a church worth visiting for and can be found just in front of the Blue Mosque. Expect a lot of golden murals, cozy candles and marble floors. 
Ortaköy - the best place for having a seat at the waterside and enjoy a cold glass of whatever you like to drink. This area is famous for it's jewellery market (I bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet). 
The Spice BazaarFatih 92 - another thing you can't really skip is this gigantic bazaar. Perfect for gift shopping and tasting typical Turkish delicacy, such as Turkish delight and herbal tea. Looking for handmade jewellery or good quality textiles? You can find it here! Secretly, I felt like Jasmine from Aladdin... 
Beşiktaş - this is one of my favorite areas in Istanbul. It's filled with little (and cheap) places to eat and shop!
Huqqa Shisha LoungeKuruçeşme Mh. Muallim Naci Cd. 56 - perfect for a typical Turkish night out! This is a quite fancy place where mainly locals hang out to smoke a 'hookah', so don't forget to put on a cute dress! Oh, just a little detail: Huqqa is located along the Bosphorus, which is the name of the sea that flows through the city. Hello, beautiful view!
Kadıköy - if you have some extra time, take the ferry to the other side of the Bosphorus. It will take you to the Asian side of Istanbul. Yep, from Europe to Asia in only twenty minutes! Not only this side is super pretty, the ferry is a very relaxing way to move yourself (and it will only cost you like 3 Turkish Lira, which is only 1 euro).
Taksim - our Airbnb apartment was located in this area, which is also the best place to have a good night out! I reccomend going to Beat if you're looking for a crazy party, but of course there are various places to visit. Don't pay any attention to the bouncers on the streets, they will force you to get in, seriously (it's not funny).
Çemberlitaş HamamıMollafenari Mh. 34120 - escape from the chaotic city for a little and get yourself spoiled in this historical Turkish bath. Believe me, this is such a relaxing experience!


  1. The pictures are so so lovely! If I ever visit Istanbul I'll definitely go back to this blogpost because everything looks/sounds so interesting :) x I



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