7th of September 2013. It's been a year since I left for my big beautiful life-changing adventure in Ireland. That's crazy! I'm happy when looking back and sad by still missing all these fucking people, but I feel lucky at most. I'm sure I will go back an visit every one and each of my old friends, wherever they might be in this world. And look at me now, one year later... Working as an creative fashionwriter. You see, that's the point: my whole life I've been thinking my heart was in the world of writing about fashion, but the more I think about it, the more I believe my heart is spread out all over the world. It's my duty to find the pieces back together and only then I will find that magical something that everyone finds after they've been travelling around. Whatever that might be. It's something you can't see. I know it's something inside, something you have to find out yourself. Sometimes I'm afraid we all live our lives in the confines of fear and that, eventually, we will become what we deserve. Maybe I deserve to be a traveller, maybe I deserve to be the new intern. We'll see!


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