It’s pretty weird to realize that life actually changes from time to time. Sometimes I’m at the point of looking back, which I shouldn’t do, because it makes me kind of sad. From year to year best friends or lovers can turn into strangers. It’s crazy to realize that people that meant so much, mean so little by now. How about a year from now on? It's true what they say, that everything is temporarily. That’s why I always feel the urge to keep things as close as possible, to capture as much as memories as I can and why I can’t fully enjoy the moments. I’m always thinking about how the here and now will not be the here and now anymore in just a matter of time. People make promises about the future they can't keep. You see, I have fear of letting go. How can I move on from memories that made me so happy once? I surely can't. Now I have to consider any endings I've gone through and how they might be for the best. Fear can make you hold on and eventually experience a painfull loss, whereas letting go can facilitate a rebirth.



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