10:14 PM

It's nearly the end of the year, which always makes me a little nervous... Did I do the things I wanted to do? Did I make the best out of it? Reflection seems to come naturally when the end of December is passing us by.

 It sure was a good year: it was the year I came back from my big adventure in Ireland; the year I visited all my friends from all over Europe; the year I went to many concerts, parties and festivals; a year of new friends and just a few goodbyes; a year of love and some little tears; but also the year I became 20 years old and had the best party ever; it's the year that changed me; a year of trying new things; the year that I had the best summer ever and the year I started my internship; the year that brought me happinness and bad luck; a year full of thoughts and learning moments; a serious year; the year I moved in with my best friends and moved out again to a place that I can call home; the year I surrounded myself with the right people. A year that's coming to an end now...

Am I happy? I don't know! I suck at leaving things behind, really do! I hope 2015 will bring me more travelling, my driver license, my graduation (!), happiness and love and a lot of inspiring moments with beautiful things and people. That's it. A new year just happens, whether you're ready or not, all we can do is wait for this moment to happen... Happy new year!

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