Many people take things for granted after a while. And so do I. But when distance is coming, whether you can feel or not, it slips trough your fingers away. Like when you try to hit a ball which won't succeed. Or like trying to kill a fly without even killing him. Or when you're dreaming about running, but you can't go forward. Just like that. Like failure, uncertainty. It just happens, in front of your own eyes. Life is like a cloud. Heavenly white with bright blue colors and loads of sunshine. But at the same time grey and dark, which falls like a shadow over land. But I'm tired to wait for something to not go away for once. I'm tired of trying figuring out about how my future will goes. No one ever reached something with waiting and thinking, is it? I want to look forward without looking in the future. That's what I want. A friend of my asked me where I see myself in like 10 years. I do know where I see myself. But how many people at my age sees themselves at a certain place without making that thought come true? Yes, too many. That's why I will leave to France this weekend, figuring out some stuff. And so I won't be blogging for a while, I'm sorry. But I do hope everyone will enjoyable and lovely summer! 


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