I gave you the feeling I loved you. I never loved you, I liked you. Like a friend and a lover. I barely knew you. You never gave me the chance to get to know you, cause your weakness showed up. It doesn't make any sense to let go of something you wanted so long, but it also doesn't make any sense to hold on when there's nothing there. All of those things you said, they were never true. I know you stopped caring a long time ago. And you, have pointed out my flaws again, as if I don't already see them. To be honest, I knew this all before. Cause your hands were cold when they found my chest... But life goes on like a memory that will never fade away. I'm about to take a scissor, so I can cut you out of my live. That's what happens when we're another day older than we used to be. You are there and I am here. Nothing more than a fact, nothing more than a new beginning, nothing more than what life is about.

I wrote this down last night, cause that's just really how I feel. The other day a friend showed up at my house. She gave me a postcard and some sweet chocolats. On the post card she wrote 'because you're a very special friend'. I felt so lucky that I have this kind of people around me in my life... I was smiling with tears in my eyes. 


  1. Anoniem5/18/2011

    Jij bent een mooi mens, ik ben trots op je. Wat een onwijs mooi verhaal heb je weer geschreven!

  2. Nice story!
    I love the shoes with the studs!

  3. I'm very proud to be your friend. Someone who's not one of your friends and lovers can be very jealous because he misses a lot, because you're one of the most beautifull, inspiring, funniest, fashionable and sweetest person i ever met!

  4. moving <3 and the photos are stunning!


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