Today was pretty weird... I passed my last exam! During the last 10 minutes of my exam I was looking around the class. I saw people writing down their last things, I saw people looking around and I saw people staring. I wondered what they were thinking. Maybe some of them were wondering what the hell I was thinking. Well, I was thinking about how 5 years of school just ended. This was the freaking last time I was sitting here, with those people, on those chairs, in this classroom, with these teachers. Weirdness! My friends were giving me the 'I-messed-up-my-exam'-look and I just realized even that was the last time! All of it. We walked outside together. I looked up at the school... Yep, for the last freaking time. This was the start of a new life. I believe every day's a reason to party... Let's party!


  1. Every end is a beginning! Wish you lotsss of fun & hope you passed all ur examns ;). Anyway,nice pictures! Love your denim gilet. Where did you got it? And I reaaally wanna go to the naked 'n famous, but 1) I don't have money 2) I'm going to The Pretty Reckless already, that's also in Paradiso, just 3 days from N&F, and nobody wants to come with me/bring me to the concert. Damnnnnnn.


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