As you might know, Amsterdam Fashion Week is totally up and running by now. Tomorrow I'm attending some shows (will I see you there?), but yesterday I visited another special event: a dance and fashion crossover between the Dutch National Ballet and designer David Laport. Ok, the show was a typical 'you had to be there' kind of thing, but I hope you can enjoy my photos just as much.


  1. The pictures are gorgeous! I love the idea of this, maybe we'll see it in the future? Who knows.
    Since I have school and am not a cool blogger who gets invited to things (or has enough money to buy tickets or something) I am not attending fashion week. In my head I am. On the first row. Hm-mh. Maybe next year, though.
    Have fun!
    x I


  2. Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's!!

  3. Wat een mooie foto's liefke!


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