The countdown to Christmas is offically on! That makes my mind go daydreaming about little lights, cozy dinners, warm drinks, laughter, family and friends and holy music. But there's more: I'm wishing on warm woolen socks to team up with my chunky boots and travel the world (or at least a map of the world to start). Besides, I'd like to have a new camera or lens (or both) and a nice bouquet of flowers (Santa, are you the one who's buying me flowers?). And sunglasses, a chain bag, leather pants and a pair of minimalistic rings. I should actually stop being so greedy! What's on your wishlist? 

Woolen socks SELF-KNITTED / Map URBAN OUTFITTERS / Leather pants MANGO / Chain bag ZARA / Camera LOMOGRAPHY / Rings FASHIONOLOGY / Bouquet MARKET / Sunglasses ASOS


  1. Leuke cadeaus! Die tas vind ik ook heel mooi, zou ook zeker zo op mijn wishlist kunnen:)

    xx Laura

  2. Wat een fijne wishlist. Ik vind die kaart echt heel gaaf en wat een mooie tas! xx

  3. Oh I feel you. One of the things that is on my wishlist is a polaroid camera. And maybe a good book. Also all the things in your wishlist apply to me, I feel ya girl. (But by the time people ask my what the heck I want for my birthday I would not be able to come with one good answer.) Have a nice day!
    x I


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