4:20 PM

My horoscope predicted that I would achieve much this year and that's the truth. My highlights? 1. Finished every single study subject with a good grade (working hard makes me proud). 2. I moved to Ireland, all by myself, and globalised in a new culture. 3. I changed for the better in many ways and got opportunity's to learn, a lot. 4. I took surfing lessons (bucket list). 5. Opened my very own photography exhibition (bucket list). 6. Made friends from all over the world and I love them more than I could ever imagine. 7. Improved my English. 8. Worked for a big PR-agency and Amsterdam Fashion Week during the summer. 9. Got my ear pierced (another thing to cross off my bucket list). 10. Travelled for five months through Ireland, England and Scotland and survived with only one suitcase of clothing. 11. Got closer to friends and family by missing them endlessy. 12. Went to the most breathtaking and magical concerts and gigs ever. 13. Designed and needleworked clothing (hello, bucket list). This was all one big experience which I needed to get. At the moment I'm a bit sad, because my Ireland adventure will end soon. However, I'll never forget all the golden memories and sparkling moments from 2013. I have to be honest; before I moved to Ireland my head was a mess, apple juice. Struggling to find 'myself' back. I'm looking forward to 2014. Why? I don't know! We'll see what happens. It will be peaceful, creative and exciting. My intentions? Moving in with my best friend, travel, travel, travel, do an internship and write a book. That's it! (At least for now.)

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