5:46 PM

High in the mountains of Wicklow, with a guide named 'Frank'. He looked a little like a hobbit and he was fascinated by his own philosophy. Frank doesn't believe in anything, except for the sun. The sun is his god. He told us about the rock 'n roll in Ireland. God is the 'rock' and the people are the 'roll'. Frank likes funerals. It's his way to celebrate life. At the end of the day Frank took us to a bridge, the brigde of 'P.S. I Love You'. It was breathtaking. We walked in the surroundings and we bumped into a filmset. Vikings and sword fights. Frank was the one who learned me that Irish people don't say 'goodbye', they say 'cheers' when they leave. That's why I'm toasting the whole time now and I love it. We ended the week with a pillow fight party. The floor looked like it was covered with popcorn and whipped cream. 

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