Four years ago.. The summer of 2009, France. The smell of fresh baguette, the sound of crickets and the taste of deep red wine. I was inspired by the French influence and went to the village for some shopping. It was a wonderful day and at the end I bumped into a small 'boutique de bijoux'.  A shimmering necklace catched my eye. It was love at the first sight. 'Can I try this one on?', I said. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Of course it was way to expensive for me. An old lady smiled at me and said something like 'c'est belle', her eyes were shining. At that very same moment my phone was ringing and I went outside. After the call I decided to go back to my camping, it was almost dark. I took a step.. 'Madame, wait! You forgot something!'. It was the owner of the jewelry shop. I forgot something? I went back inside and the shop owner gave me a package. My fingers slid along the brown wrapping paper. 'This isn't mine..', I said. 'It is yours, an old lady bought it and asked me to give it to you', he said. I walked outside and unpacked the package. It was that necklace! 'You're worth to wear it', a little card said. To this day I still don't know why that old lady gave it to me. I do know that I feel blessed when I wake up and look around my neck. I believe there's a reason for everything, that there's a reason why the lady bought me that necklace.


  1. Wat een prachtig verhaal zit er achter zeg! Echt heel mooi! Een prachtig kettinkje is het ook zeker!

  2. Wat ontzettend lief van de oude dame en wat een mooi verhaal. Prachtige ketting! xx

  3. Wauw super gaaf! Echt fijn dat er nog mensen zijn op de wereld die om anderen geven!

  4. aawh, dat is zó lief! En zo speciaal! Dat maakt hem alleen nog maar mooier.

  5. Anoniem1/31/2013

    Wauw wat lief zeg! Erg mooi verhaal :)


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