7:03 PM

Throwing trees in the campfire, dance around with a bottle of champagne and hitch-hiking to the big city... I already miss summer (did you noticed autumn starts in only 10 days?)! Last night I saw Pirates of the Caribbean again. Haha it made me think about a holiday in France two years ago. One night a friend and I pretended that our canoe turned into the Black Pearl. He was supposed to be Johnny and I was Keira. We sung songs like 'drink up me 'earties, yo ho, yo ho'. A good night for sure. I wouldn't bother sailing the oceans with Captain Jack Sparrow. Enough about that. I bought new items last weekend! I'm showing you only two items, the rest comes later. First, my long-expected Jack Daniels tee and a new bracelet-with-spikes-thing. What do you think? Would I have been that kind of pirate who drunk JD-whiskey instead of rum?

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