It started as something small and it turned out in something unique, very unique. The story I'm talking about begins with a young woman in San Francisco, Marinka Oostveen. It actually started as something creative to kill the time. 'I was working in a store where I made jewelry from old strings and discarded fabrics.' People were amazed by the talent she hold and started to buy her creations. Marinka was amazed and, above all, inspired. Short after that, she went to San Fransisco. The place were her concept and ideas became real. Her own jewelry collection, MOOST Wanted, was a fact! 'For me, it was finding a way to express my creativity. I never thought about the fact it could be like this. Now I'm starting to realize that a dream came true, it is giving me so much energy.' And look at her now... She launched a webshop this week! The first collection 'spicy herbs' is inspired by mother nature. A combination of leather, rope, ribbon and spicy colors. Please note, every single bracelet or necklace is handmade! It was a honor to meet such a driven women and get to know her working space. Surely, this will not be the last time you'll hear about MOOST Wanted. Already feeling buy urge? Check out the website

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  1. Wat een geweldig artikel! Echt super! Zou je me link er nog bij willen zetten!

  2. So unique pieces!! Well, nice blog sweety! I m following you now on GFC! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow back if you want! :)


  3. Anoniem11/06/2012

    Wauw dit is echt tof! Fijn dat Marinka even haar link hier nog bij heeft gezet! Ga meteen kijken! Mooi artikel!


  4. Super leuk dit! Ik ga zeker een kijkje nemen op de website ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Doe je mee aan mijn giveaway? Je maak dan kans op €25 shoptegoed in de webwinkel Sans-online ;)


  5. Mooi geschreven! Ziet er ook leuk uit XO

    p.s. op mijn blog valt €25,- shop tegoed te winnen! klik hier!

  6. Wauw, hele mooie armandjes en leuk artikel ;) xx

  7. Anoniem11/06/2012

    Geweldige creaties. zien er erg mmoi uit. ga de link evdn openen om verder te kijken.

  8. Hey, I live in San Francisco! :) These are amazingly unique pieces, they're all gorgeous!


  9. Anoniem11/21/2012

    Top foto!

    Liefs xxx