6:23 PM

Today my first day at school started. God, I just can’t believe how fast last year went by. It’s almost surprising. Kinda sad tough. I feel like I do too much things. So much that my mind can’t keep it up. I've got that feeling I grow up way too fast. Like I'm missing a part from youth. And sometimes time scares me. If time keeps running this fast, I’m an old lady before I've even noticed. I see it happen with a lot of people. At one moment of life people suddenly starting to realize what they've done. From that moment you see people changing their lives. And I’m scared the same thing is already happening to me. I’ll graduate in only a few years, get a home, get married, get kids... You know the package. I don’t want to see people fading away around me in the next years. Fading is a part of time. Sometimes I only see my life like the way it is now, just perfect. I want to keep it this way. No changes. 

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