Galaxy denim.

6:33 PM

I bought this denim blouse for only €0,50. It was actually a mistake of the seller, but I didn't mind haha! The blouse is way to big for me, but I think i'm going to cut some pieces. Maybe you have a better or more creative idea? Just let me know. Bytheway, today I signed the contract for a house. I'll move to Utrecht next month! I'm very happy about that, cause lately i'm spending my days in trains. I think people should built sleep- and musiccompartments instead of silencecompartments. Wouldn't that be way more lovely? Talking about trains.. I must go now, or i'll miss my train!

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  1. Ik hou wel van oversized! Stop hem in een taillerokje en het zal waarschijnlijk super staan. :) I like!

  2. misschien is het leuk om hem als gilet te doen?
    Ookal vind ik hem nu eigenlijk ook wel tof. :)

  3. Grote bloes, maar wel een leuke foto! Hoe heb je hem zo bewerkt?


  4. Who cares if it's too large? It is a wonderful steal-- even if it was a mistake. If you tailor it to make it a bit more fitting, it would be a great slouchy blouse

    xx maggie

  5. Mooie foto & superleuk bewerkt!

  6. Cool shirt!

  7. i love the shirt as it is... if you wear it with skinnies or leggins, a baggy top looks great. But if you wanna do something, there are some genious diy´s of turning a shirt into a skirt. I´ll bet this one will look amazing if you do it.