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Cherelle de G. says,
"I think that internal beauty is more important than external beauty."

How would you define beauty?
For me, beauty is something from the outside, but also something from the inside. It's the person who you really are and not how someone looks like or what someone is wearing. Beauty radiates you. I also think that everybody is beautiful, beautiful in their own way.

Do you think that internal beauty is just as important as external beauty?
I think that internal beauty is more important than external beauty. You can look really, really beautiful, but if you have no real beauty on the inside, you are not really beautiful. You can't change the inside and you can always change the outside. No matter how old you are, internal beauty stays. Of course it's true that people first check on the outside and then the inside. It's just more attractive if you're good looking, in that way external beauty is also important.

In your opinion, what kind of qualities make up an internally beautiful person?
I think the qualities of an internally beautiful person are spontaneously, helpful to other people and loving. Someone who wants the best for you. I hate people who always thinking about themselves and people who are jealous. And, the most important, stay yourself no matter what! Don't pretend to be someone else! True beauty is who you really are. You.

''What are you waiting for? You deserve to feel beautiful, today!''
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